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All instruments in 2020-21 contain additional items related to respondents' experiences with COVID and their perceptions of how their institution has responded to the pandemic.


All versions of the Thriving Quotient,™ whether for use with traditional undergraduates, sophomores, adult learners, graduate students, or faculty, are free-use instruments for campuses who are willing to share their de-identified student responses with us to use in our national database of responses. Campuses unable to share de-identified responses to all the items must pay a $500 per survey, per administration fee. Institutions will receive their raw data in an Excel spreadsheet or SPSS file. 

Reports comparing your institutional responses to the national norms are $250 each. Disaggregated data reports are also available for an extra fee; please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

The Sophomore Experiences Survey (SES) has the Thriving Quotient at its heart and targets students in their second year by adding items specific to their experiences as sophomores. This year, we have added Museus' (2014) Culturally Engaging Campus Environment items to provide institutions with even more helpful information about the campus climate for sophomores of color.