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COVID-19 Data Collection in 2020-21:

Thank you for your interest in determining the levels of thriving within your student population. Because we believe that monitoring your students’ thriving may be even more important during a period of disruption and turbulence, we have added COVID-related items to this year's survey instruments. We recognize that campus disruptions could affect your response rates, but also how students perceive the campus community and their relationships with faculty. We are creating predictive models that allow us to determine the role that three aspects of COVID play in student thriving this year::

1) Instructional delivery modes

2) Student perceptions of their institution's response to COVID.

3) Students' stress levels and specific worries during COVID.

As always, your institution will receive its raw data in SPSS or Excel. Campus reports with comparisons to national norms are available, as are reports disaggregated by race/ethnicity.

A research initiative at Azusa Pacific University

Laurie Schreiner PhD

Dr. Laurie Schreiner

Dr. Laurie Schreiner is Professor and Chair of the Doctoral Programs in Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University in southern California, having spent 38 years in higher education as a psychology professor and associate academic dean after receiving her PhD in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. Co-author of The Student Satisfaction Inventory that is used on over 1600 campuses across the US and Canada, she has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on thriving, positive psychology, engaged learning, sophomore success, faculty development, and advising.


She also has consulted with over 150 colleges and universities on issues of student success, strengths-based education, retention, academic advising, student satisfaction, and effective teaching strategies.  She has been principal investigator on two federal grants to promote student success and retention and has directed national projects on retention and student satisfaction.

The Sophomore Experiences Survey is a highly reliable and valid instrument that has been used on over 150 campuses with more than 25,000 sophomores since 2007. Findings from our sophomore research have significantly influenced how many campuses are structuring their work with sophomores.   


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