To participate, complete the registration information below. Once you have confirmed your participation, the URL address for your institution’s survey will be sent to you within a week, along with a sample e-mail to send out to your students. It is then your responsibility to contact your students and notify them of the URL address to complete the survey.

There is no cost to participate in the Thriving Project or the Sophomore Experiences Survey, as this is a research project. The only fees are for additional reports or data analysis specific to your institution.

Thriving Registration
You may choose to administer the Thriving Quotient, the Sophomore Experiences Survey, or both surveys to your students.
Please indicate the date you wish to open your survey link to your participants.
Our IRB allows for collection of a student participant identifier such as student ID or email address allowing you to attain actual retention information. Please indicate if you will be collecting an identifier.
If you intend to offer any kind of prize(s) for your participants, please outline the prize(s) and your preferred method for prize entry (e.g., Student ID or email).
You may add 5 custom institutional questions to your survey. If you would like to add any questions, please outline them in the following text box. Provide the question and each available answer.